Mexico: Juan Flores Coffee - Organic - Single Origin - 100% Arabica

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Varietal: Typica
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1545 MASL
Farm: El Sauce
Region: Oxaca
Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Almond and Orange

Mexican coffees have long been a firm favourite here at Rinaldo’s and that’s no different when it comes to this fabulous new offering from Juan Flores’ farm in San Antonio Ozolotepec.

Juan grows only the typica variety on his 2-hectare farm, named “El Sauce”, meaning “The Willow". He renamed his farm after the wake of Hurricane Paulina in 2002 that lead to a shift in shade trees from the Ingas genus to the Willow species. Juan uses these shade trees to emulate natural ecological relationships, in which the large canopy of shade trees provides protection for the coffee plants.

The fully washed processing of this coffee allows for clean notes of chocolate, almond and orange – perfectly punchy for espresso-based and stove-top drinks whilst providing the complexity required for pour-over…Deeelicous!

Juan is currently refining his farming techniques and is focusing on better farm nutrition, processing, and drying practices. He has extensive knowledge in growing coff­ee, with over 40 years of experience, however Juan has only recently delved into the realms of speciality co­ffee in the last two years. He recognizes that by having higher quality, he can access higher prices; motivating him to continue working in speciality coff­ee.

He shares that it makes him proud to have an income from growing high-grade coff­ee, and especially knowing his children can see it as something that will help them get ahead in life. His goal is to improve plant health and thereby productivity.

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