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Our Story So Far

Rinaldos, Jayne, Alice and JacJayne, Alice & Jac

Jayne – Owner & M.D. Born a Lancastrian, bred a Cumbrian, I'm very much at home in The Lake District.

I'm absolutely delighted to have bought Rinaldo's. I’m a long-time customer and over the years, I've regularly visited the roastery for an amazing coffee and to chew the cud with Rin. I love the products and felt drawn to be a real part of this set-up. The company’s ethical approach to sourcing, the warm reception every customer receives and the fun and positive dynamic at work impressed me so much and after an extended arm-wrestle with Rin, I ended up purchasing the business in 2022.

I’ve come from an entrepreneurial FMCG background within the food industry so the move to a central focus of speciality coffee roasting and tea is a great synergy. I am addicted to great coffee & fine teas and I love people so this business is the perfect combination.

We have a dedicated team, all of whom worked alongside Rin during an extended handover period. Jackie, Alice and myself learnt the finer intricacies of coffee roasting under the Don Juan's expert guidance. We're fully prepared and skilled and together we will continue to grow the business and enjoy putting the world to rights with you at the espresso bar (this could take years.......).

Between us, we are passionate about ethical sourcing and packaging.  We care about where our coffees, teas and packaging comes from.  We can trace all of our coffees back to the farms they were grown on and make sure our suppliers ensure a minimum wage for all of the green bean producers.  We have full transparency over the entire process.  Something we are very proud of and will continue to build on.

Rin has built an amazing business, his entrepreneurial spirit and genuine love for artisan coffee and teas has left the most amazing legacy.  We intend to build on the foundations by growing the wholesale and online side of the business, increasing coffee machine sales whilst welcoming our lovely customers to our fabulous espresso bar on a daily basis.  You'll not find any pretentious coffee chat in our roastery, we're down to earth, knowledgeable and we will pour you the best coffee around!

How it all began ..

Rinaldo Colombi

Rin Colombi was an early advocate of the UK's “third wave” speciality coffee movement, extolling the virtues of fine Arabicas to anyone who would listen.

Starting out with a coffee van, Rin embarked on a mission to introduce artisan speciality coffee to a market in the North of England that was more used to the commodity coffee served in high street chains. A few years later, with a desire to roast the coffee he was serving to his loyal customers, Rin Crowdfunded to raise enough money to buy a hand-built Giesen coffee roaster and in January 2015 Rinaldo’s Speciality Coffee & Tea Ltd was born.

Like many entrepreneurs he began from modest beginnings (9 brothers and sisters, Italian parents settling in West Cumbria) and with few finances. Rin’s motto has always been: “It takes just as much effort to do something exceptionally well as to do it badly. So, let’s be best.”

Rin says: “ Jayne and her team have the drive, enthusiasm and expertise to continue to make this business a flagship of speciality coffee and tea in Cumbria and throughout the UK with its phenomenal online presence. I’m proud to leave it in such dependable hands.”

Oh, and we love dogs ...

Every dog has its day, whether or not yours is called "Warhol" they all deserve their 15 minutes of fame. So, bring yours along to our Roastery for a mug shot and we'll display it in this space, until the next dawg has its say. Here are some of the pooches we love:


As silky as milky, which she downs by the bowl on her daily fly-by.


a.k.a. "Savaloy Boy" - Even Dennis Healey (RIP) couldn't sprout such distinguished eyebrows when he was a 2 year-old pup.


You'll hear this beauty before you see her...usually from Kendal town centre.


A sure-fire winner of the knobbly-knees competition for 13-week old cuties. Ed and Rachel are besotted... and they quite like their puppy too!