How Hard Can It Be? by Nick Wharton

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- SIGNED copies of this autobiography extraordinaire

Nick is a Lake District legend. He's supported our business from the very first day of us starting up in 2012 with a coffeevan, to helping us Crowdfund our roastery, to subscribing each week for over 6 years for our roasted coffee delivery.

And now we can give something back to this incredible man.

Nick has written one of the most engaging autobiographies that encompasses his bold climbing in Lakes, Wales, Spain, Africa and the world beyond; a Bob Graham Round as if it were a stroll around Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon and the insouciant recovery of a smashed femur from a cycling accident as if it were nothing more than a broken fingernail.

And please do buy a copy and support Nick - he just also happens to be one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

How hard can it be? Not a bad question for anyone to ask when faced with a challenging situation whether that is at work, in the home, or in a chosen pursuit. This book describes that positive, self-confident approach by Nick Wharton during his many and varied adventures.

The book takes the reader on a journey through a wide collection of stories and insights into his own escapades and how he has faced them over the past 40 years starting with learning to climb at boarding school - climbing the buildings in the middle of the night.

Nick traces his his time in the army - holding back the Russians in Germany, patrolling the streets of Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, training Mozambique forces in Zimbabwe and back home in the UK.

Living in the Lake District, Nick retrained as an Environmental Health Officer which started his unlikely choice of career in health and safety. He reveals his perspective of risk and how he has used his climbing to help get the H&S message across to colleagues and clients with great effect.

He gives us an insight into his own, distinctive approach to climbing His insight into the world of hazards and risk management helps us to understand, what has been described by many as one of the most bold approaches to climbing in recent years.

The journey highlights some unsung climbing heroes Nick has befriended over his lifetime, and shows how bold his style of climbing has always been. Cycling, fell-running, ski-touring...this dude has lived a playground lifestyle and still kept himself rooted in the real world.

A wonderful read from a genuinely lovely human being.

Most importantly he is wearing our CASA cycling jersey on his portrait photo...for this alone, Sir Nick, we salute you!!!

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