UNBLEACHED Chemex Pre-Folded Filter Papers - Fits all sizes*

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Genuine Chemex papers – no poor substitutes in our stable. The bonded fibres will produce a lovely clean cup.

Pre- folded, unbleached papers now give no hint of paper taste during the brewng process. Simply add  the pouring spout of the Chemex.

Filterpapers for Chemex brewing. Cone shape ensures uniform extraction for pure coffee flavour, while the speciality paper design keeps bitter elements, oils and grounds in their place (and out of the cup)

Product features
• Brand: Chemex
• Material: speciality fibre paper / unbleached
• Design: square
• Dimensions: H: 290 x W: 290mm
• Quantity: 1x100
• Lifespan: single use
Fits: all Chemex 3 - 10 cup models *(not 1 cup)
• Supplied pre-folded

100 papers per pack - unfolded.


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