Brazil: Elio Uliana Coffee - Single Origin - 100% Arabica

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Country: Brazil
Producer: Elio Uliana
Region: Brejetuba, Espirito Santo
Elevation: 800-950 MASL
Variety: Red and Yellow Catuai
Process: Pulped Natural
Tasting notes: Sugarcane, caramel, apple and grape

For those of you who really love a smooth, caramelly coffee and are familiar with our previous Brazil, we urge you to try this fabulous newbie from the same region... it does not disappoint!

We've sourced a pulped natural Brazil for a clean and smooth, yet punchy brew. Working with Elio, this Catuai varietal has a typically distinctive caramel flavour, paired with notes of apple and grape. It was a challenge sourcing a bean that lives up to the deliciousness of our previous Brazil farmed by Jacinto Hoffman, however after a careful process involving the cupping of a multitude of Brazilian offerings, we are proud to present to you Elio Uliana!

This Brazilian coffee is a perfect choice for espresso-based drinks, being full-bodied and balanced. It's a delight for us to roast!

Not only is Elio's coffee a brilliant stand-alone, we also pair it with the El Salvador, Santa Leticia as its bezzy mate in our award-winning Casa Espresso Blend.

Elio was born in Brejetuba, Espirito Santo and spent his childhood on his families' coffee farms. He married Dona Sinesia and the couple took over the management of Dona's father's farm. The pair now have now worked on the farm for 38 years so feel confident in the quality of the coffee they produce. Despite their farm consisting of 35 thousand coffee plants spanning over 20 hectares, the couple still take great care in the growing and processing of their coffee - we think their efforts are apparent in the end cup!


The coffee cherries are picked at their optimum ripeness and are then 'depulped' through a demucilager which removes 80-90% of the fleshy mucilage surrounding the beans. They are then left to dry on raised patios in greenhouses. The remaining 10-20% of the flesh allows for sugars to migrate into the bean and the production of acids that add to the complexity of the cup profile whilst maintaining a clean and smooth coffee.

Once the beans reach the optimum moisture content they are then shipped to us for roasting and brewing!

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