Oolong Formosa Tea

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Smooth and fragrant, this very light tea is a high-grown speciality of Taiwan.

The tea is withered (dried) naturally in the sun immediately after harvest so that only 50% of the leaf content is fermented. The unique, mild, flowery taste comes from the remaining green inner leaf. This is a mellow, honey sweet tea with a flowery taste that is a lovely afternoon cuppa. A deliciously dry aftertaste leaving you wanting more and more and more and…

Country - Taiwan
Leaf - Thin, twisted, dark brown with lighter strands
Liquor - Intense chestnut colour
Cupping Notes - Sandalwood, malty, honey sweet highlights
Brewing Tips - 2.5g in 200ml of water at 87°C. Steep for 3-5 mins. Strain and add more water for further infusions

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