Eureka Mignon Libra Grind-By-Weight Stepless Espresso Coffee Grinder (55mm Burrs)

Eureka Mignon Libra Grind-By-Weight Stepless Espresso Coffee Grinder (55mm Burrs)

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Until now this kind of grinder was out of reach of the home barista but professional baristas serving speciality coffee on busy espresso bars trust grind-by-weight technology to put exactly the right dose of ground coffee in the portafilter every time and without fuss. Eureka have smashed it with this gorgeous grinder full of professional features that remains compact and affordable.

Precise and responsive digital scales are built into the hands-free portafilter holder which weigh the actual coffee being dosed into the basket in real-time and this clever grinder uses that information to stop grinding automatically when you have the does you've asked for (we've found it consistent to within 1 percent of our target 21g dose). Even your daily dialling-in of your coffee beans by adjusting the grind size makes no difference because, unlike timer-based dosing, grind-by-weight technology remains consistent regardless of the fineness of the grind. Grind-by-weight avoids wasting your time and your coffee beans by removing the need to keep correcting the dose settings.

The only other way to get a dose as precise as this is to weigh your beans manually before you grind them but 'single-dose' grinding isn't for everyone and the convenience of a hopper full of beans and a simple trustworthy dosing system is undeniable.

55mm flat burrs, quiet accoustically-damped housing, hands-free portafilter holder with instand grind weighing technology and more, all in a super-compact body. What's not to love?


  • 55 mm Hardened steel flat burrs
  • Powerful 310 watt, 1350 rpm motor (1,4-1,8 g/s Espresso grinding speed)
  • Stepless micrometric grind adjustment
  • Touchscreen Display
  • Two stored doses plus continuous mode
  • 300g Coffee Bean Hopper
  • ACE anti-clumping system


  • Height - 430 mm
  • Width - 124 mm
  • Depth- 192 mm
  • Weight - 6,5 kg

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