Chameleon: Our Dynamic Espresso Blend

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We have been busy behind the scenes perfecting our next venture into espresso blending and present to you 'Chameleon' -  but don't worry this coffee certainly doesn't 'blend' in with the rest but it does change from time to time.

Our first instalment is a blend of a washed El Salvador and a natural Honduras that provides a rich chocolatey body, with a soft winey acidity. Expect bursts of honey and fruit when enjoyed with milk.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Honey, Yuzu and Fig

The ideology behind this blend is to combine coffees that create an exciting, complex flavour profile that is fruit heavy and packs a punch.  We wanted to create a blend that contrasts our more traditional but much loved, Casa Espresso Blend.

Make sure to watch this space as, like a Chameleon, this blend is subject to change. We will be periodically altering the components to keep you on your toes, so expect fruit forward Africans, funky, natural South Americans and all-round delicious espressos.

Component 1 - EL SALVADOR - Las Mercedes

Farm: Finca Las Mercedes
Varietal(s): Bourbon, Pacamara, Pacas and Marsellesa
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1350 - 1700 MASL
Region: San Salvador, Volcan

This delicious washed El Salvador has long been a key component of our Casa Espresso Blend and is now providing even more deliciousness in Chameleon. It's also incredible as a single origin with notes of red apple, chocolate and caramel. Altogether, a coffee that deserves your attention - so stand up and salute it.. a stunner!

The Aguilar family have been growing coffee on their farm Las Mercedes on the north-eastern slope of the San Salvador Volcano for six generations. The estate reaches altitudes of 1700 MASL. Such heights, combined with the availability of rich volcanic soils and excellent farming techniques, results in the high quality of this coffee.


The coffee cherries are picked at their optimum ripeness and are transported to the nearby Tuxpal mill for processing. The washed coffee is held in fermentation tanks for 12 hours and is then sun dried on clay patios for over 14 days. The drying period is vital to the generation of a rich full body and clean cup. The farm and mill's dedication in cultivating varietals that result in the best cup profile allows them to access better price ranges and produces some of the best coffees out there, it's a win-win!

Component 2 - HONDURAS - Cafesmo Ocotepeque

Country: Honduras
Producer: Cafesmo Ocotepeque
Elevation: 1200 - 1600 MASL
Varietal: Obata, parainema, IH-Café-90
Process: Natural

This naturally processed Honduran coffee has a smooth milk chocolate body that brings bright, citrusy notes and a soft winey acidity to the blend, it's a coffee that packs a punch.

The beans are grown by members of the Cafesmo Ocotepeque cooperative, of which there are over 250 members, whose small fincas range from 2 to 12 hectares. The farmers grow a number of different varietals but all share a common goal of growing the highest quality speciality coffees, that are cultivated with care. The farms are all located around the hills of Mercedes in the south of Honduras.

The Cerro Pital mountain and Pacayita volcano both contribute to the diversity of microclimates in the area, providing rich soils and high altitudes - the ideal terroir for cultivating high grade coffees.

So what are you waiting for? Karma get your Chamele-on! 

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