Earl Grey Classic Loose-Leaf Tea

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  • A classic tea with a massive following and a rich history. This high-grade China black tea is blended with oil from the very best Italian bergamot plants.

    Earl Grey is like spending time with your best friend – warm, reassuring, much loved. We’ve chosen this tea after many tastings, and we love its mellow, citrus base.

    There is a lot of misconception about what Earl Grey should be, from freeze-dried bergamot to leaf type, but we’re delighted with the highest quality of our components. They're as good as anything that's been around for almost 200 years. From the aroma to the taste, you'll adore this Earl Grey.

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  • Country China
    Leaf Dark brown, wiry
    Aroma Very fragrant, citrus, bergamot
    Liquor Light, slightly orange
    Cupping Notes Refreshing, citrus, very fragrant
    Brewing Tips 2.5/3g in 200ml of water at 100°C. Steep for 3-4 mins – depending on strength required

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