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If you love a cafetiere as much as we do then you'll be chuffed with this latest gadget.

Timemore have combined their minimalistic, modern aesthetic with the traditional design of the French Press, reimagining the classic brewer to produce this stylish cafetiere that's capable of producing a delicious coffee.

The silicone casing surrounding the glass body makes the press more robust than most cafetieres, making it the perfect coffee accessory to bring on a trip if you always need access to coffee like we do!

Cafetiere Brew Guide:

  • Pre-heat your cafetiere and cups
  • Grind your coffee to a coarse consistency similar to sugar
  • Add coffee grinds to the bottom of your cafetiere, make sure to use approximately 70g of coffee for every 1L of water
  • Heat water to approximately 92°C for best results
  • Pour-over enough hot water to cover the grounds and leave for 30 seconds, allowing the coffee to 'bloom'
  • Add remaining water and leave to brew for 4 minutes
  • Place the plunger over the cafetiere and leave for 10 seconds to allow the gauze to expand
  • Fully plunge and enjoy your tasty brew

Product Features:

  • Material: Glass body, stainless steel plunger and filter, and silicone casing
  • Capacity: 450ml (3 cups)
  • Temperature resistant 


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