English Breakfast

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  • When it comes to the old faithful of all teas, we've gone for a No.T5 leaf English Breakfast. A blend of delicately spiced Ceylon, mild Darjeeling and ever-so polite Keemun this tea is as natural as it gets. A heady aroma, caramel sweetness and an immediate malty mouthfeel, our No. T5 is an invigorating way to start the day. A tea that can be really appreciated with milk too.

    Our English Breakfast is one of our best-selling teas. Whether you're you've got the calloused hands of a builder or the gentile digits of a children's author, you'll love this brew, cup after cup. (It has, on occasion, even been known to satisfy Yorkshire-born tar-slurpers!)

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    Try it with either our Bredejemeir tea filter, ForLife Teapot or PLA one-use tea bag.
  • Country Sri Lanka, India & China
    Origin Ceylon, Darjeeling, Qimen Anhui Province
    Leaf Small black twisted
    Aroma Heady, malty flavours with honey sweetness
    Liquor Bright, deep amber hue, full-bodied
    Cupping Notes Rich malty notes, with citrus sweetness.  No bitterness or astringency
    Brewing Tips 2.5g in 250ml of water at 100°C. Steep for 3-4 mins. 


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