Bialetti: Moka INDUCTION  3-Cup - Stove Top

Bialetti: Moka INDUCTION 3-Cup - Stove Top

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A great addition to the Bialetti range this stove top model has been designed for induction hobs. It has an ergonomic handle in soft touch silicone and incorporates an exclusive and easy-to-clean patented safety inspection valve.

It is safe to use on all other stoves (ceramic, electric and gas).

It looks modern and stylish with a black upper chamber, silicon mid-collar and polished chrome finish to the water chamber. A great addition to the kitchen, the Moka Induction produces a fantastic brew.

Bialetti is THE statement in stove tops. The iconic logo with the moustachioed chap in hat pointing tells you it's the genuine article. (There are lots of cheap copies on the market, but you get what you pay for, I guess). So, if you're on a budget and a like a strong coffee, a Bialetti is a great alternative to an espresso machine.

(NOTE: this stove top makes 3 espresso sized measures)


At the tender age of 18, Rinaldo left the heady metropolis of West Cumbria for university, armed with a tartan suitcase in which, among other things, was his dad's 6-cup Bialetti stove top. Every morning he'd make a full pot and gulp it down using hideous robusta too-finely pre-ground coffee, thinking this was normal behaviour for most strapping lads. Some years later, when the rubber seal melted he threw the away the family heirloom and bought another pot, not realising you could get a replacement for a few quid. Idiot!

How times have changed. Rin, now lovingly roasts only the very finest single origin Arabica coffee and still enjoys a great stove top coffee, despite being spoiled by a roastery crammed with espresso machines.

Here's a video we did for the Bialetti Brikka, which is a great model, but unfortunately is now unavailable to us in the UK.

This year we won a Great Taste Award and are a National Finalist in the Rural Business Awards

Rinaldo's is so much more than speciality coffee and fine tea. We offer all manner equipment and training solutions. The sourcing of our materials and products is ethical and fully traceable. Our packaging is 100% plastic and foil-free. We love what we do. We're highly skilled, yet always eager to learn more from you. We have so much fun at work. How cool is that?