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New Environmentally Friendly Coffee Packing

We've been working on ways to help reduce the amount of waste in our packaging. And we're really pleased with the solution for our roasted coffee. This is how our environmental friendly packaging "breaks down".

  • 227g - Stand-Up Pouch (net coffee weight)

When you order a single bag of any of our coffees, you now receive it a bag made from sustainable bio-materials. This bag is foil and plastic-free. You can put this bag in the mixed material recycling bin or remove the label and plastic valve, which is required to keep the coffee fresh by releasing CO2 and simultaneously preventing the intake of air. This valve can be placed in the plastic recycling. You can also put it in the household waste bin, but we'd encourage you do try to make the small effort to recycle. 

We use this net weight of coffee, as this single-amount purchase enable us to send it to you as a large letter. That way you save on postage costs and it will be delivered through a standard sized letterbox whether you're in to receive it or not. No more "sorry-we-missed-you notes" and schlepping to the post office in the rain to collect your much needed coffee.

NOTE - if you have opted for Deliver For Free (Kendal area only) then we'll give you a full 250g amount) and drop it it through your letterbox as we don't have to comply with Royal Mail width stipulations.

If you like this idea, why not save more money and become one of our regular subscribers with our flexible options paying as-you-go or up-front and pausing your subscriptions whenever you like. CLICK HERE

  • 250g Retail Box (net coffee weight)

"WOW" indeed! We agree ... possibly the most beautifully presented packing you're likely see in the coffee industry. And it's not just all aesthetically superficial. If you order more than one bag of coffee on-line you get:

  • 23g more coffee per bag for the same price as single purchase, as multiples will fall under the parcel category for Royal Mail or courier
  • a small and more compact packaging solution for easy storage



If you drop in and see us with one of our bags you've previously bought, we'll either refill it with a fresh coffee and take 10% OFF this purchase or give you 1 FREE hot drink of your choice from our amazing Espresso Bar 

If you'd prefer to be packaging free, then you can drop by and have your coffee canister/tub/old sock fill with any multiple of 250g and we'll give you 10% OFF that purchase or give you 1 FREE hot drink of your choice from our amazing Espresso Bar, just for not using any packaging. 

If you re-order on-line and want us to refill the coffee bags you've previously purchased from us, then just send them back and we'll give you a *10% OFF the coffee by issuing you that amount as refund on-line.
(*excludes cost of postage)


The three main killers of coffee freshness are AIR, MOISTURE and DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Do try to minimise the effects of these elements when storing your coffee. We recommend decanting your coffee in an air-tight canister (or if you have room simply putting the whole bag in it) and storing it a kitchen cupboard that's dry and away from sunlight. 

We are now selling the fabulous Friis Coffee Canister which is 100% airtight and releases the naturally occurring CO2 in the coffee bean, prolonging the freshness of your coffee.

If you don't have a coffee canister, please use the ziplock if you get your coffee in the large, flat 227g stand-up pouch.

If you have opted for the 250g box option, then simply pull or cut open the sealed end at the top of the bag containing the coffee and store it use a plastic bag seal clip ("Klippit" type thingy).

Despite what you may have been told, DON'T keep your coffee in the fridge or freezer. Natural coffee oils don't like the moisture . You may ignore this advice, however, if you prefer your espresso with notes of cheese, leftover curry and rotting vegetables - in which case, get your coffee on the top shelf of your SMEG without delay.


New Eco-Packaging for Loose-Lea Tea

We've revamped our packaging for teas too, to eliminate the foil lined bags completely. Instead, we've sourced a clear bio-plastic that is made from a sustainable cellulose plant base oil and is fully bio-degradable.

We've chosen a thin bag as it's the fastest option in terms of biodegradable breakdown and, as such, is meant as one-use storage. We've even gone to the trouble of creating a bio-sticker with bio-glue to reseal the bag, once you've opened it to access the tea.

For retail purposes, you can now see the leaf and, like the coffees, the packaging is sturdier and looks great on the shop shelves.

The outer box is made from a recyclable card.

The material is produced in my home backyard of Cumbria and here's couple of video links, complete with great regional accents to explain the inner bag further.



We're always trying to create better packaging solutions, so if you have any constructive comments or feedback about this and/or the product, please email us at or just leave a review on the "Reviews" tab of each product page on the web site.