BRAZIL: Cachoeira - Single Farm (Direct Trade / RFA) - 100% Arabica

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  • Country: Brazil
    Region: Carmo do Paranaiba, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Farm: Cachoeira
    Elevation: 1100 MASL
    Variety: Yellow Catuai
    Process: Natural Fermented
    Tasting notes: Chocolate, Hazelnut & Strawberry
    SCA Cup Score: 86

    Rainforest Alliance Certified & sourced through a Direct Trading Partnership.

    For those of you who really like a punch to your coffee and are familiar with our Brazilian offerings, you must try this knockout single origin.

    We're delighted have directly sourced a fantastic new Rainforest Alliance Certified Brazilian bean. Working closely with Danilo's fazenda, we picked a beautiful of Brazilian coffee, with typically distinctive deep chocolate and hazelnut notes and touch of fruit finish.

    Fantastic for espresso based drinks in particular and for those who like a full-bodied and beautifully balanced Arabica coffee. It's fantastic through an espresso machine, stove top and as a pour-over. It’s incredibly versatile, so can be brewed in many ways, yet has the complexity of a high-end single origin. It's a delight to roast and we have a year's supply of it, so your espresso will be very consistent.

    Not only is the Cachoeira a brilliant stand-alone coffee, but we also pair it with an El Salvador, El Borbollon, as it’s bezzy mate in our award-winning Casa Espresso Blend.

  • Country: Brazil
    Region: Carmo do Paranaiba, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Farm: Cachoeira
    Elevation: 1100 MASL
    Variety: Yellow Catuai
    Process: Natural Fermented
    Tasting notes: Chocolate, Hazelnut & Strawberry
    SCA Cup Score: 86

    Rainforest Alliance Certified & sourced through a Direct Trading Partnership.

    Danilo is the owner and manager; his first harvest was in 79/80 crops. The success led him to develop the activity and growth of the explored area, acquirement of new farms and introduction of new harvest technologies. Nowadays the producer counts with 490 hectares of coffee plantation, which are carefully assisted by him, his son and the quality control team.

    The producer is associated with cooperatives which, in many ways provide information on the coffee market, quality, and courses. For the past two years, the farmer has concentrated countless efforts on the improvement of the production processes and management. Danilo has always shown concern for the environment and has always taken care of nature, today he adds more than 186 hectares of nature reserve.

    At the present, plans are been executed in order to certify the properties, to learn more on how to preserve the environment and to produce a 100% sustainable coffee.

    The tradition of coffee production has been in the Family since the twentieth century. Mr. Barbosa ancestors, his great-grandparent Elias Barbosa passed it on to his grandparent Claudio Barbosa de Paula and from him to his father, Jairo Barbosa de Paula and now Mr. Barbosa works with his generation, his sons Vítor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo.

    When I say family business, I mean husband, wife, father, son, and daughter in law all working together, so the office is like a big home where everybody shares the same dream, supports each other, learn and grow together, the office is located in Carmo do Paranaíba, Estate of Minas Gerais, where the team is composed of ten people, cooperating to deliver the best coffee.

    Ethical coffee production

    Danilo has been growing coffee for 40 years and his enthusiasm is patent. His farm Cachoeira is 200 hectares large and 100 of them are kept as a preservation area. There, you’ll find several native trees and bird species, small jaguars, armadillos and tamanduás, an odd-looking South American animal that feeds mostly on ants. Danilo always cared for the environment and the quality of his coffees, but until recently he was selling it to local co-operatives that held the means to export. “There’s this myth in Brazil”, he says. “Everyone thinks exporting is impossible unless you’re a huge producer.”

    The truth that many small and medium size farmers are now discovering is that exporting is hard, but not impossible. “We don’t ship big volumes, so it’s an expensive activity for us. Paying for a warehouse spot in London is quite onerous. We are not rich, but we built a strong financial bedrock before we were able to do it.” Despite the high costs, Danilo’s experience showed him this was the only way to sell his coffees “pure”, the way he wants them to be tasted.

    Exploring terroirs to rediscover Brazilian coffee

    Danilo says that most co-ops blend the coffees of a given region before exporting them. This means that, when you drink a coffee from Cerrado Mineiro you are drinking a mix of different beans produced by different people, even if they were sold as single origin. Ultimately, this is one of the factors that create the general perception that an origin tastes a certain way. In this case: chocolatey, nutty, with low acidity and, for many people, plain boring. But Brazil is a vast country and the state of Minas Gerais is the size of Spain. It has room for many terroirs with different cup profiles that people are only just beginning to explore. Cachoeira, for example, is located in a micro region called Alto Paranaíba, named after a river that springs there. Cerrado Mineiro has at least seven microregions. That makes us and Danilo really excited: “For me the future is exhilarating! Our possibilities are infinite!”

    Fazenda DBarbosa is Rainforest Alliance certified. Every stage must be monitored and recorded to allow 100% traceability of the coffee, which is only one of UTZ's requirements. The farm is a member of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association. The importance of the certification is for both environment and social reasons. Recycling is encouraged in all farm buildings and the correct use of safety equipment is a further requirement of RFA.


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