NEW Travel Bundles

It's incredible working and living in the Lake District. Being born in West Cumbria, I took to wild camping once I'd bought my first tent and pretended I was Tom Sawyer, Grizzly Adams and Teddy Bear Grills (sic) all rolled into one big hunk of a skinny 12 year-old.

Now we have it "proper cushty": amazing outdoor waterproofs, lightweight footwear, GPS, re-sealable bags for Jelly Tots. The list is endless. You can even bring your kitchen into the great outdoors.

We sent the Sancho Panza of Kendal, El Signor Liam Lonsdale, into the Lakes to test out our new Travel Bundles - Globetrotter & Pioneer - which we've just added to our e-shop.

Of course, Liam came back with some incredible images and some sound advice in this "Coffee on the Go" piece of his journal. Read about it HERE...