Miir - New Coffee Canister

Storing your coffee is such a crucial (and often overlooked) part of the brewing process. The key factors in the deterioration of coffee freshness are: exposure to air, moisture and direct sunlight. This canister addresses all 3 of these factors in one very stylish solution.

- You reduce packaging and help the environment in another small away
- It's easy to clean
- It will prolong the freshness of your coffee
- We've found you can store up to 350g of whole bean or about 500g more ground coffee
- It pays for itself in very little time

The Miir Coffee Canister has a unique, easy-to-use accordian seal that prevents any air from entering the canister, while preventing the escape of any naturally occurring CO2 from the coffee. The container remains 100% airtight, maximising the shelf-life of your coffee and retaining freshness.

We love it's simple design, styling and most of all that the accordian lid/seal always sits flush on your coffee, thus eradicating any excess air, with which other valve systems struggle.

This Miir canister will happily house 350g of whole bean with the seal and lid in tact and about 500g of ground coffee.