Walnut & Stainless Steel Tamper: 58mm Base - Made in Cumbria

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    You know the song …

    Barista and tamper,
    Barista and tamper,
    Go together
    Like a picnic and hamper…

    Every barista loves a great tamper. Whether you have an espresso machine at home or work in a café or just love incredibly well-crafted gear, you’ll adore this branded tamper. (Someone I showed an early sample to said: “Oh, what a lovely doorstop.”)

    It’s 100% handmade in every respect by local companies*.

    The base is made from bright stainless steel, hand-turned on a lathe. I’ve chosen to use my favourite C-Flat shape, which has a chamfer on the base.

    Each American Walnut handle is turned by a craftsman.  It's then finished off beautifully with a laser-etched logo on the top.

    It also comes with a rather nifty presentation box in recycled cardboard and kraft paper. (Hit the NERD ZONE tab above for more details)

    *Because each tamper is handmade, rather than mass-produced, there may be a very slight variance in weight and size – but we feel this just makes each tamper even more individual.

    Please check that your portafilter basket is the correct size for this 58mm base.
  • Weight: 365 gms (approx)
    Height: 90 mm
    Base: Bright stainless steel / 58 mm diameter / C-Flat shape
    Handle: American walnut, finished with water resistant lacquer, laser etched “RINALDO’S” logo
    Box: Sustainable cardboard, natural kraft paper finish

    100% handmade in every respect by local companies.


    The bright stainless steel based is hand-turned on a lathe in Kendal by Bennett Engineering. I’ve chosen to use my favourite C-Flat base, which has a chamfer on the base. Of all the tampers I’ve used over the years, this is my base of choice, because it has a less aggressive lip and spreads the grinds to the edge of the basket in the portafilter with more even pressure, giving a better extraction. Aesthetically, it’s the “Don”... and we don't argue with the Don.

    Each American Walnut handle is turned by a craftsman at The Rusland Movement. John and Dan have been fantastic in helping develop the shape and the ergonomics of this part of the tamper. And it’s finished off beautifully by Marko at Laser Engraving Workshop with a laser-etched logo. The precision of detail is incredible.

    It comes in a sustainable and recyclable presentation box, with a natural kraft paper outer finish.

    Each component has been careful made by local craftsman. You can certainly find a much cheaper tamper, mass produced in the Far East, but it will be inferior in every respect. You’ll be hard pushed to find another that’s been made with such care and attention to detail. I'm really proud to have been involved in this project.

    A great gift for any serious coffee lover.

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