UGANDA: Ibanda (Natural) - Single Origin -100% Arabica - NEWLY ARRIVED

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  • We love supporting coffee growing communities in rural areas around the globe. and this stunning offering from Uganda in Rwenzori Mountains helping farmers and villagers on their way to a better standard of social and enducational living.

    Buying this naturally processed coffee will donate 40p from the sale of every Kg of green coffee in the UK into our development fund to support the different projects being carried out via the social enterprise, Agri Evolve Ltd (read more about this organisation in the NERD ZONE tab)

    The farmers have also produced a fabulous crop this year of the much-prized SL28 varietal with sweet pomegranate notes and a very creamy mouthfeel. There's so much to love about this coffee and it's sure to be a firm favourite while it lasts.

    Scoring 84.5 on the SCA scale, this is a full-bodied African coffee with an intense creamy mouthfeel and notes of guava and pomegranate

    Body-Full / SCA 84.5

    CUPPING NOTES:  Fruit and dark chocolate. Very clean and full-bodied, sweet and complex.

    For more information on this coffee, schooch over to the "Nerd Zone" tab above.

  • UGANDA: Ibanda

    Mill: Bugoye
    Region: Kasese Region, Rwenzori Mountains
    Processing: Natural - Sun-dried
    Screen Size: 15+
    Growing Altitude: 1,900 - 2,050masl
    Varietal: SL14, SL28
    Soil: Volcanic
    Harvest: July 2020

    Ibanda is a village in the northern part of Kasese District situated in one of the many valleys of the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. Agri Evolve established a buying centre here for the farmers of Ibanda and the surrounding communities higher up on the hillsides. Farmers typically have between 1 and 2 acres of land and coffee is their main cash crop. Our Field Officers work with the farmers in groups throughout the area. Farmers have been shown how to improve their yields by using good agricultural practices. The quality of the harvest has also been greatly improved by encouraging farmers to only pick the fully ripe cherries. This gives the best prices.

    Ripe, red coffee cherries are harvested daily during the harvest season and taken to Ibanda. The cherries are weighed, assessed for quality and the farmers are paid in cash. From here trucks carry the cherries to Bugoye Coffee Station. Here the cherries are floated and graded before being sun-dried in the polytunnels to protect them from rain. Our teams turn the cherries several times each day to ensure even drying whilst allowing the cherries to mature and develop their full rich flavours.

    Some of what we do will be funded by customers and partner organisations from around the world, but as a Social Enterprise we will be committing our own funds towards the programme. Buying this coffee means 40p from the sale of every Kg of green beans in the UK into our development fund to support the different projects being carried out.

    Agri Evolve Ltd is a family business and an agricultural Social Enterprise working with farmers in Uganda with the aim of improving yields, improving profits, and improving lives. Our main work is in the coffee sector and we are based in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. We are working with coffee farmers to improve the quality and quantity of their coffee crop. We provide a good market by paying good prices and by paying promptly. Since 2018 we have been importing the best of the coffee we produce into the UK. We supply green coffee to Coffee Roasters throughout the UK using our trading name Rwenzori Coffee Co.

    Body -Med-Full / Acidity: high / SCA 84.5

    CUPPING NOTES: ruit and dark chocolate. Very clean and full-bodied, sweet and complex

    To get the very best from this coffee, why not try a pour-over. Perfect for Aeropress / Chemex / V60 or Softbrew.


This year we won a Great Taste Award and are a National Finalist in the Rural Business Awards

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