Travel Bundle - "Pioneer"

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     - AEROPRESS (inc. 250 filter papers)
     - FREE 250g of a coffee or tea** of your choice with your next purchase

    If like them thar old Wild West cowgals you like to live life on the trail, then you'll need the perfect travel kit in the boot of your Porsche. We've collated the best in coffee and tea brewing equipment to fit neatly into any rucksack, holdall or suitcase.

    An Aeropress, hand-grinder and free coffee, as well as the Bredemeijer tea filter, which is ridiculously simple to use and a doddle to keep clean and a loose-leaf tea of your choice has been put together for you. We'll even ship it free. And, when you order anything next time, we'll give you a free coffee or tea of your choice.

    We're willing to bet morning coffee and afternoon tea have never tasted so good.

    Be your own Pioneer and get on board with this bundle.

    Thanks for the amazing images and musings by the ever youth Liam Lonsdale: Note-jotter, photo-spotter and uber-globetrotter, putting this travel through its paces. You can read it all HERE

    * any tea except Jasmine Dragon Pearls, camomile or peppermint
    ** supplied at 50g or 125g as appropriate to smallest size of tea choice

  • Rin's tips for a great cup:
    • Put the filter paper in the cap, then wet the filter paper, chamber and your cup with hot water ... this ensures you don't get cold coffee
    • Use about 17g of beans per 2 "marker points" of water, and grind from fresh if possible
    • Don't grind too finely - the grind should feel a bit like sand between your fingers
    • I like to use the "inversion method" - so put the plunger about an inch of the way into the chamber and turn the whole thing upside down. Add the coffee and water into the upturned chamber
    • Use slightly cooler water than boiling - 85°C brings out the best in the bean for this method
    • Stir for 10 seconds and then leave for 30 seconds
    • Screw the filtered cap on tightly, place the cup over the cap, turn the whole lot over the "right way" (holding everything in place!) and then plunge
    • Top up your cup with fresh hot water as you wish


This year we won a Great Taste Award and are a National Finalist in the Rural Business Awards

Rinaldo's is so much more than speciality coffee and fine tea. We offer all manner equipment and training solutions. The sourcing of our materials and products is ethical and fully traceable. Our packaging is 100% plastic and foil-free. We love what we do. We're highly skilled, yet always eager to learn more from you. We have so much fun at work. How cool is that?

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