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Strawberry & Kiwi
Strawberry & Kiwi
Strawberry & Kiwi
Strawberry & Kiwi
Strawberry & Kiwi

Fine Tea

Strawberry & Kiwi


  • Caffeine-free, fruit teas really don't come better than this little beauty. Legend has it that Cornish gals got their rosy cheeks from eating summer strawberries they picked in the hedgerows. We're also blushing... with excitement... at our new fruit tea blend, which has a delicious strawberry body with an added kiwi zing. The liquor is a sumptuous clean red cup and tastes heavenly.
    Like our Blood Orange tea, you can top your morning porridge or museli with the seeped fruit pieces once you've poured your tea and get a free meal in the bargain. Bonus!
  • Country Various
    Leaf Strawberry, kiwi fruit & apple pieces, apple & lemon peel, hibiscus, rosehips.
    Liquor Bright, deep red
    Cupping Notes Clean, sweet, tangy and intense strawberry taste
    Caffeine? No, naturally caffeine free
    Brewing Tips 5g in 200ml of water at 100c.  Steep for 5-10 mins.

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