Speciality Coffee

Single Estate - BRAZIL: Fazenda Terra Preta - 100% Arabica


Speciality Coffee

Single Estate - BRAZIL: Fazenda Terra Preta - 100% Arabica


  • I'm thrilled to have exclusivity on this Brazilian single-origin coffee. Currently, we are the only company in the UK to stock Terra Preta and, after cupping some samples, it wasn’t difficult to bagsy these green beans.

    Like many Brazilian coffees it has enough punch to work well with milky drinks, but this isn't your bog-standard mediocre Santos. Oh, no, no, no. Unlike many Brazilian offerings on the mass market, it’s completely traceable to one farm owned by Fernanda Maciel Raucci, who has lovingly cultivated her small holding to produce prize-winning coffees.

    Comprising 100% Catuai, these green beans need really careful roasting. The end result is a sweet, small, fruity bean, that has a soft-body, medium/low acidity with white chocolate, caramel and pecan flavours.

    This coffee is fantastic through an espresso machine, but I’ve really enjoyed it used on a stove top and Aeropress. It’s incredibly versatile, so can be brewed in many ways, yet has the complexity of a high-end single origin.

    This little player would make any Brazilian World Cup team.... back of the net!

    Rin recommends: a pour-over brew method to highlight the subtleties of this incredible single origin. Perfect for Aeropress / Chemex / Softbrew.

  • BrazilFazenda Terra Preta

    Fazenda Terra Preta
    Varietal: 100% Catuai
    Processing: Natural
    Altitude: 1,000 metres above sea level
    Owner: Fernanda Maciel Raucci
    Region: Alta Mogiana
    Country: Brazil

    The Farm

    The Terra Preta Farm is a traditional producer of award-winning quality coffees. The current owners, the Maciels, are the 4th generation of family farmers. Prioritising the quality of the coffee Fazenda (Farm) Terra Preta allies new agricultural technologies with respect and care for the environment, as well as offering better conditions for their employees.

    Alta Mogiana Region

    The Region of Alta Mogiana has traditionally produced some of the best Sao Paulo coffees because of its high altitude, favourable climate and extensive experience in the production of speciality coffee. The area also benefits from excellent infrastructure with easy access to technology and skilled labour.

    Located in Pedregulho/SP, the Fazenda Terra Preta has favourable climate for Arabica coffee production, with crops between 900 and 1000 meters above sea level, resulting in beans with exceptional quality and unique characteristics.

    Fazenda Terra Preta

    The coffee ‘ Fazenda Terra Preta’ is made with carefully selected beans, it has a remarkable aroma, soft body, natural sweetness, light to moderate acidity and fruity flavour, with hints of chocolate, caramel and nuts. It makes for a delicious espresso drink, as it has enough body to work beautifully with milky drinks (flat white, cappuccino, latte etc), but is complex enough to use as a pour-over. In fact, it’s an incredibly versatile bean and works well with most brewing methods.

    Award and Certifications

    The Fazenda Terra Preta has international certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certificate, 4C Certified, Certificate of Origin of Alta Mogiana and is associate with AMSC ( Alta Mogiana Speciality Coffees), an organisation recognised internationally. The farm participates annually in quality contests, the highlight being achieving 1st place in the State Quality Contest and National Quality Contests promoted by ABIC ( Brazilian Coffee industry Association), the most important contest in Brazil.


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