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PANAMA: Finca Lerida - Single Estate - 100% Arabica
PANAMA: Finca Lerida - Single Estate - 100% Arabica
PANAMA: Finca Lerida - Single Estate - 100% Arabica
PANAMA: Finca Lerida - Single Estate - 100% Arabica
PANAMA: Finca Lerida - Single Estate - 100% Arabica
PANAMA: Finca Lerida - Single Estate - 100% Arabica
PANAMA: Finca Lerida - Single Estate - 100% Arabica

Speciality Coffee

PANAMA: Finca Lerida - Single Estate - 100% Arabica


  • It's back and it's incredible!

    Five years ago we bagged some coffee from Panama's Finca Lerida and we'll managed to source more to bring to you.

    The Lerida estate is possibly the most beautiful in the world – just take a look at the photos in the Nerd Zone tab above. These coffee beans have the incredible flavours you’d expect from this unspoilt environment, the volcanic soils, altitude, air and Typica varietal.

    A delightful coffee that gives in the cup, honey-sweet caramel notes, with a hint of apple. Medium body and light acidity.

    This might just be Panama’s finest and personally, I take my hat off to it!

    Rin recommends: a pour-over brew method to highlight the subtleties of this incredible single origin. Perfect for Aeropress / Chemex / Softbrew.

    To get the very best from this coffee, why not try a pour-over. Perfect for Aeropress / Chemex / V60 or Softbrew.


  • Panama – Finca Lerida

    Varietal(s): Typica
    Processing: Pulped, fully washed & sun dried
    Altitude: 1,600 to 1,835 metres above sea level
    Owner: Ronella Enterprises, S.A
    Town: Jaramillo Los Naranjos, Boquete
    Region: Chiriquí
    Country: Panama
    Total size of farm: 114 hectares
    Area under coffee: 47 hectares

    Additional information:
    This unique coffee hails from the world-famous Finca Lérida –the very first coffee plantation ever established in Panama and still renowned today as producing some of the best and most desirable coffees in the world. With its idyllic setting and fascinating origin story, it’s no wonder that the finca is so well-known. But the true secret of its reputation lies in the cup.

    This ‘Veranera’ coffee is the total package: it’s got the provenance and a unique, delectable profile. Picked at approximately 1,600 metres above sea level, Veranera is the combination of three different lots, all picked from plots at the same altitude. ‘Veranera’s is the local name for the ‘Bougainville’ plant, which populates the farm. This 100% Catuaí coffee has been selectively hand-harvested, floated in tanks to separate out any damaged or under ripe beans and then pulped and washed using a demucilager. The coffee is then delivered to sun-dry on the farm’s extensive patios for a week or more, until the perfect humidity is achieved.

    Finca Lérida was established in 1917 by Tollef Boche Mönniche, a Norwegian engineer and graduate of the Royal College of Dresden, Germany. After participating in the design and construction of emergency hatches in the Panama Canal and the gigantic docks in Colon, Toleff Bache travelled to the High Lands of Chiriqui in 1911. He was looking for a place with clean, fresh air to rest and recover from his fourth attack of malaria, contracted in the hot and humid lands of the Panama Canal. After sailing seven days in a little boat along the Pacific shore and riding a horse for many hours, he arrived in a unique spot: Finca Lerida. Nestled on the high ridges of the Central Range and 10 km from Boquete, the property was, at the time, half grasslands and half-tropical forest.

    In 1924, Mönniche retired from the Panama Canal and along with his wife Julia, moved to Finca Lerida. Here he built the house, completely by hand, in a Norwegian style and planted the first coffee plantation in Panama. In addition, he designed and patented the siphon, a density sorting device made to separate good beans from the bad.

    Coffee plantations worldwide now use this device, including Finca Lerida, where it is still used to select the best cherries for export. The farm is currently managed by the Chiari Family who co-ordinate the coffee growing, protect the virgin rainforest surrounding the farm and run Boutique Finca Lérida which offers visitor the opportunity to stay on the farm. Finca Lérida’s reputation dates as far back as the first shipment of coffee that Panama exported to Germany in 1929, when the high quality of the coffee produced at this plantation made its international buyers realise that there was more to Panama than just its canal.