Hot Chocolate 250g - Blendsmiths (Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free)

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  • Blendsmiths is our hot chocolate of choice to use for drinks on our Espresso Bar in the Kendal metropolis. Using the same principles of "coffee cupping" (when we blind taste and score new roasted coffee samples before choosing which to buy for our range), we bought a few hot chocolate brands and made drinks from them for some of our customers and asked them which they liked the best. Blendsmiths was unanimously the choc of choice.

    Tasters fell into the following categories:

    1) Gannets who glugged all the drinks, eyeing a freebie when it was presented to them and then burped their appreciation before tucking into a brownie
    2) Sceptics who thought there must be a catch and headed off to the pub, visa card at the ready
    3) True chocolate connoisseurs who are usually to be found lingering far too long in the confectionery aisles of local supermarkets.

    Now you can purchase the retail packs from us and make you own hot chocolate, mochas or use in your coooking at home.

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    250g | 16 servings per bag

  • Both the Dark Chocolate and Lighter Blend are creamy, smooth and light in sweetness, accompanied by a touch of natural bitterness. An exceptional Cacao sourced from the Ivory Coast, enables us to achieve an incomparable and long-lasting chocolate experience.

    The cacao is grown on a small holding farm in the Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire), boasting no more than a modest 3 hectares of land.

    Pods containing the beans are harvested when sufficiently ripe. The farmer will crack open the beans, separating the seeds from the pulp, before being fried naturally.

    Producing some of the finest cacao in the world, our partners have designed and implemented a programme to pursue a mutual goal. This focusing on catalysing farmer livelihoods by improving their crop yields and quality of crops produced to help generate more money.


    250g | 16 servings per bag

This year we won a Great Taste Award and are a National Finalist in the Rural Business Awards

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