ForLife - Curve Teapot 0.7l - White

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ForLife: Curve Teapot 3-Cup 0.7l (24oz)

We’ve just introduced a new teapot that is a generous 2-3 cup serving. It’s a durable ceramic, dishwasher safe and has a sizeable, stainless steel infuser for our loose-leaf teas. It looks fabulous, and can be used with everything from our finest organic rooibos to whole leaf peppermint. The lid has a silicon seal that allows for easy removal, but means it stays in place when pouring. And the infuser can be removed completely if you just want to use teabags for convenience.

Product dimension: L 22.8 cm x W 14.6 cm x H 6.5 cm
Materials: Lead-free High-fired Ceramic Stainless-steel Silicone rubber
Dishwasher safe and microwave safe (except for the infuser)
Capacity; 24oz / 0.7L /3 cup

A lovely modern design allows the tea leaves the space to move freely in the hot water, releasing all their flavour without getting crushed or damaged. The filter is very easy to remove, so that the brew can be separated from the wet tea leaves at the appropriate time to avoid the liquor becoming overly bitter. It's also very easy to clean by simply rinsing it under a tap.

Rin's tips:

  • Use filtered water and don't reboil to bring the best out in your brew
  • Always pre-warm the pot and filter with a little hot water (then discard) before adding your loose-leaf tea
  • Set the steel filter with its wet leaves aside once you've got to the desired brew time, to avoid caffeinated liquor becoming too astringent

For a 1-cup fast and inexpensive option we have the nifty Bredemeijer tea-filter

CARE INSTRUCTION & WARNING: Do not microwave metal parts - Not suitable for stovetop use - Use caution when handling hot water - Add water making sure you do not exceed the “MAX” level - Keep out of reach of children



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