Empty Coffee Sacks (subject to availability)

Empty Coffee Sacks (subject to availability)

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 Speciality Coffee Bean Sacks


Our green beans from across the globe arrive to us to be roasted in style!

Bag yourself one of our assorted hessian coffee bean sacks. Designs range from Salamander’s to slogans as every origin uses a different design to represent the goods inside.

We incorporate our green ‘waste-not’ ethos into everything we do, so love seeing what new lease of life can be given to these sacks.

 Get on yer bike and start upcycling or put them to some green-fingered good use in garden. We’ve seen some great projects over the years – bean sack turned bean bag!? Who’d have thought it!?

Don’t forget to send us some pics of your projects on our Rinstagram  – we love seeing how our babies can blossom.


Net weight:   approx 550g – 800g

Please note: if total weight including carton is over 2kg (generally more than 3 sacks) the package will be shipped by 24 hour courier


*Bags are either natural or combination of manmade and natural fibres, dependent on country of origin and farm


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