ECM V-Titan 64 - On-Demand Coffee Grinder - Titanium Burrs +500g FREE Coffee

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  • In the V-Titan 64 ECM has developed one of the most powerful and stylish on-demand coffee grinders for the home-user/ commercial market.


    Your most important piece of espresso kit is your grinder, yet it's something we so often skimp on for the sake of upgrading to an espresso machine. A poor quality grinder often produces inconsistent and uneven coffee particle size, clumping when it can't cope with finer grind, a long time grinding your required amount, extreme noise.

    Top-of-the-range on-demand grinder with 64mm titanium coated burrs, which are incredibly durable, giving you a much longer burr lifespan, saving you money in the long run and maintaining perfect grinding every time. This grinder also benefits from an anti-static chute which both aids no coffee retentions and doses very accurately into the portafilter basket.

    The V-Titan has a super-accurate stepless wheel which is second to none for micro grind adjustment, ensuring you can really dial in your espresso shots.

    The digital display is classy, easy-to-programme for single or double or triple shots and has the option of a manual mode.

    You can even place your portafilter on the rests and operate the grinder hands-free - it's that easy.

    In keeping with the ECM chrome aesthetic of all its incredible home espresso machine and is titanium tough.

    Perfect for those at home who want the best and for good cafes that dial-in for the Godshot.

    Programming either a double or single shot of ground coffee is very straightforward and for the discerning coffee lover, you can dose accurately to 0.1g each time. Very impressive.

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  • Key Features:

    One of the most overlooked technical aspects of what makes a good coffee grinder is the power. The V-Titan 64 has a 450W output, which is at the very top end of other similar sized 64/65mm burr grinders. This power capacity allows for quicker dosing and a more robust engine.

    Tough as titanium
    Easy programming of the timer of 1 or 2 portions
    Optional switch to manual grinding
    Display of the grinding portions
    Stepless adjustment of the grind
     Titanium-coated burrs, 64 mm
    Stepless height-adjustable portafilter bracket
    Free-handed use possible
    Motor performance: 450 W
    Weight: 9.8kg
    Measurements (w x d x h) 200 x 260 x 490 mm

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