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We offer an extensive range of commercial espresso machines and grinders, so whether you're tight on counter-space or you need a show-stopping group 3, we have the right solution for you.

Our philosphy is centred around helping you to find the right solution for your premises. Whether it's a cost effective Conti, a 100% stainless steel, Ascaso,  Gaggia or a the timeless chic of a La Marzocco, we have the choice for you.

If you're on a budget or want to make an opulent statement, we'll offer you sound advice. We'll take you through all the key technical features of commercial machines from PID to eco-mode, from dosing ratios to thermal grouphead stabilty (say whaaaaat?!) so that you make the right choice. 

We provide free on-site training after one of approved engineers undertakes the installation for you.

We'll provide referrals so that you can be assured of our service.

We'll actively help you save money and we can offer lease finance if required.

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Rinaldo's is so much more than speciality coffee and fine tea. We offer all manner equipment and training solutions. The sourcing of our materials and products is ethical and fully traceable. Our packaging is 100% plastic and foil-free. We love what we do. We're highly skilled, yet always eager to learn more from you. We have so much fun at work. How cool is that?