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Chemex Coffeemaker - 3 Cup Classic - Plus 250g Coffee  FREE


Chemex Coffeemaker - 3 Cup Classic - Plus 250g Coffee FREE


Coffee Equation: 1 part chemistry + 1 part intuition + 1 part design = Chemex perfection

Created in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohn, this iconic piece of brewing kit has remained unchanged since it was first brought to market – a testament to its great design and functionality.

It’s made of Borosilicate non-porous glass, which won’t absorb odours or chemical residues. The hourglass shape is a classic design and aids the dripping motion as the coffee is brewing.

(note: Filter papers purchased separately)

Rin’s Serving Tips:

  • Use 60g ground coffee per litre of water – (for a 3-cup Chemex you’ll need 15g of ground coffee and about 250 ml of water at 90 -95C)
  • Grind your coffee to a rough sand consistency – just on the coarse side of an Aeropress grind
  • If you have unfolded filter papers, fold the paper in half and then in half again, then open the filter paper into a cone shape and place the filter paper so that the 3 layers on one side cover the pouring spout. Wet the paper with hot water and allow the same water to warm the carafe. Discard.
  • Put your Chemex onto a set of scales, which are accurate to 1g at least and tare (zero). Pour 30g of water (90 – 95C) over the coffee so that it “blooms” – this just allows the grinds to get wet and expand, freeing the coffee solids within the grind. Leave for 30 – 45 secs.
  • Pour the remaining water into the cone – a Hario Buono kettle with a goose-neck is the best option for timing and accurate pouring
  • Try to aim for about 2 ½ - 3 minutes for the full amount of water to drip through. Adjust your grind accordingly. You’ll get it spot on as you practise more.