Brazil: Espirito Santo Coffee - Single Origin - 100% Arabica

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Country: Brazil
Producer: Jacinto Hoffman
Region: Larania de Terra, Afonso Cláudio, Espirito Santo
Elevation: 800-900 MASL
Variety: Red and Yellow Catuai
Process: Washed
Tasting notes: Chocolate, apple and caramel

For those of you who really love a punch to your coffee and are familiar with our beloved Danilo Dones, we urge you to try this fabulous newbie... it does not disappoint!

We've sourced a fully washed Brazil for a clean and smooth, yet punchy brew. Working with Jacinto, this Catuai varietal has a typically distinctive milk chocolate flavour, paired with notes of apple, plum and caramel. It was a challenge sourcing a bean that lives up to the deliciousness of our previous Danilo Dones, however after a careful process involving the cupping of a multitude of Brazilian offerings, we are proud to present to you Jacinto Hoffman's Espirito Santo!

This Brazilian coffee is a perfect choice for espresso-based drinks, being full-bodied and balanced. It's also fabulous for a stove top or pour-over, maintaining a complex versatility. It's a delight for us to roast as one of the very best single origin Brazils you'll find.

Not only is Jacinto's coffee a brilliant stand-alone, we also pair it with the El Borbollon in Santa Ana, El Salvador as its bezzy mate in our award-winning Casa Espresso Blend.

Jacinto Hoffman delved into the farming of speciality coffee in 2011 and cultivates his plants on the farm Sitio Boa Vista. Jacinto is married to Valinda Holz and the couple house their farm on Valinda's family land. When they initially began their speciality coffee journey they had to travel to Valinda's family farm to process the coffee, they have since come a long way in improving the sustainability of their farming and now process on their own farm. 

The Sitio Boa Vista farm can be found at the end of a very steep road leading through the mountains to the microregion of Alto Lagoa in the region Espirito Santo. This region of Brazil is not often revered as the crown jewel of Brazilian coffee – this title often going to neighbouring Minas Gerais, however at Rinaldo's we have loved every coffee we have roasted from this region and this latest offering is no different.


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