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Bialetti "Brikka" 4-Cup - Stove Top (NEW VERSION) + FREE COFFEE
Bialetti "Brikka" 4-Cup - Stove Top (NEW VERSION) + FREE COFFEE
Bialetti "Brikka" 4-Cup - Stove Top (NEW VERSION) + FREE COFFEE
Bialetti "Brikka" 4-Cup - Stove Top (NEW VERSION) + FREE COFFEE


Bialetti "Brikka" 4-Cup - Stove Top (NEW VERSION) + FREE COFFEE



(Note: the Brikka in this video is the previous model)

At the tender age of 18, Rinaldo left the heady metropolis of West Cumbria for university, armed with a tartan suitcase in which, among other things, was his dad's 6-cup Bialetti stove top. Every morning he'd make a full pot and gulp it down using hideous robusta too-finely pre-ground coffee, thinking this was normal behaviour for most strapping lads. Some years later, when the rubber seal melted he threw the away the family heirloom and bought another pot, not realising you could get a replacement for a few quid. Idiot!

How times have changed. Rin, now lovingly roasts only the very finest single origin Arabica coffee and has talked to his pals at Bialetti, to bring to the UK the new Bialetti "Brikka"stove top.

What's so swank about the Brikka? Well, if you're on a budget and like a strong espresso drink this is an ideal solution. The real advantage of this new model, is that unlike other stove tops, the Brikka has a pressure valve that releases when the coffee percolates through, giving a lovely crema. So it's a very simply, inexpensive way to recreate a machine espresso drink at home.

Rin's Tips for the Perfect Stove Top Espresso:

1. Use filtered, cold water
2. Fill to the stamped"H2O" guide in the upper chamber then pour into the lower pot (this gives the exact amount of water required - a nice design improvement by Bialetti) - over or underfilling can produce pressure issues, so stick to the recommended level
3. Use freshly roasted coffee and ideally grind from fresh - this will give you the best chance of a deep crema
4. Don't grind too finely - unfortunately, established brands like pre-ground Lavazza, is too fine. Your grind should have a bit of bite if you runs it in your fingertips - similar to a fine salt texture
5. Fill the basket and level off with a flat finger or a knife. Tap the sides to settle the coffee, get rid of air pockets that can cause "channelling" but DON'T TAMP. Ensure the edges of the basket are clear of grinds
6. Before placing the stove top on the cooker ring, move the pressure valve up and down to ensure it's moving freely
7. Use a high heat if using an electric ring
8. If the pressure valve gets stuck for any reason, have a tablespoon at the ready and gently lift the valve when the crema is ready to be released

(As the instructions recommend, do 3 separate heatings with coffee [BUT DON'T DRINK THE COFFEE] to "season" the pot.

Overall, we think this is great improvement to the world of speciality coffee - a fantastic way to have a strong Arabica morning coffee. We've tried it and we're super impressed.