How bored are you at present in C-19 Lockdown ennui? How would you like to earn £500 and get yourself some great publicity and see your work on all our packaging, apparel, signage, website etc?


Well this is your chance. This is what we'd like you to do:


Take a good look at our website and watch our company film by clicking on the image below and get feel for who were are and what we do:


  • Create an iconic brand identity . We're looking for an icon that marries the classic feel of the RINALDO'S name and font with a very modern aesthetic. We're keeping our name in its classic lettering. We're just looking for you to create a great icon/logo image to anchor it
  • Be distinctive in an incredibly crowded coffee market.
  • Embrace the ethos of Rinaldo's
  • Be distinctive in a very crowded coffee market

    You may wish to consider our Italian heritage and Lake District location
  • You have a totally blank canvas, so be as imaginative as you can
  • Finished design to be emailed by 9 a.m. Thursday 21st May 2020 to

You don't need to be a professional graphic designer and we welcome submissions from anyone anywhere in the world regardless of age, gender or race. So if you know someone who might do a great job, then please share this link.

Some house rules:

  • Ideally submit finished artwork as a vector / AI / eps file
  • Rinaldo's reserve the all rights to use the logo unreservedly
  • The design must not be a direct copy of another company logo

To give you an idea of what floats our boat, this is our favourite coffee roaster's logo - in this case the guys at Bluebeard in the USA. It's clean, is aesthetically gorgeous and doesn't have the cliched coffee bean.

We can't wait to see what you send to us!

Good luck and be brilliant!