If you order a single bag of tea or coffee then we'll pack your item in a letterbox friendly, recyclable envelope so that you don't get one of those annoying "we-tried-to-deliver" cards from the postie. 

We also think it's unnecessary to charge ridiculous fees to ship 1 x 227g bag of coffee. That's why we offer the following...

LA9 Postcode We deliver to your door! FREE
up to 227g Standard Delivery - 1st Class Royal Mail £1.99
250g to 1kg Standard Delivery - 1st Class Royal Mail £3.95
1kg to 2kg Standard Delivery - 1st Class Royal Mail £4.50
2kg to 10kg 24hr Courier (not weekends) £9.95
10kg to 20kg 24hr Courier (not weekends) £15.00
20kg to 30kg 24hr Courier - Heavy goods + Insurance cover (espresso machines - not weekends) £35.00
30kg and over 48hr Courier Heavy Goods + insurance cover (espresso machines - not weekends) £45.00


We offer FREE DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR if you live in the LA9 POSTCODE or prefer to collect in person from the Roastery.

Just click on the relevant "Shipping Method" when you checkout in the CART.

PLEASE NOTE: Please check you have entered the correct details (spelling, postcode etc) when entering your shipping address, as these are the details we will use to send your item(s).