Meet the Team


Hey I'm Ash, outside of being a massive coffee nerd here at Rinaldo's, I'm an avid home cook (chef is too generous for beans on toast!), always cooking from fresh ingredients, including as of 2021; sourdough bread, paying credit to a heritage of great food, both British & Sardinian. I was born in Reading, but raised in Penrith, like, eh. I'm a northerner, promise...

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my partner of four years, Anne-Marie & our massive goof of a dog, Arlo, the Belgian Malinois. You can also find me at Coreworx Gym, being tortured in their classes. Occasionally you may also find me on the trails, if Rin has encouraged me!

I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek too, growing up watching Star Wars & playing video games like Halo. I also once won a short film award for a fiction film I made, "The Tale of Little Red" - I hope to make more short films in the future when I can.

My favourite brewing method of choice has to be the simplicity of a V60, but I'll never say no to a Syphon. In terms of my all time favourite coffee, it has to be our Ecuador Mario Andrade, but I have had a few Panamanians that come close! The coffee to turn me to speciality coffee & enjoy the finer details was a Tanzania from a filter brewer at London Coffee Festival in 2016, so Tanzania will always hold a special place in my heart.

Go to brew is a cup of Ceylon at 8.15am on the the way to the Lakeland Food Park though, can't beat it!


Hi! I’m Emily! Relative newbie to Rin’s and the wonderful world of speciality coffee!

How lucky am I to have got myself a job in the most beautiful part of the country, fuelled by the best coffee any workplace has to offer!

I’ve always had links to The Lakes, but grew up abroad in the Middle East. My Arabic is extremely limited considering I lived there for 9 years, but that’s one thing I’m hoping to re-learn.

In 2016 I moved to Leeds for university where I studied Theatre and Performance. I love performing in pantos (oh no you don’t, oh yes I do), I am a bit of a Shakespeare nerd, and will ALWAYS gladly take up the offer of singing songs from the musicals with you.

I loved the creative side of my degree and all jobs I’ve done since. In my spare time you can find me writing about life in the lakes, trying my hand at watercolour painting, scrounging the charity shops to put outfits together or wielding a camera in a poor duck’s/sheep’s/boyfriend’s face!

Now I’m back at home in Kendal and chuffed to be surrounded by the fells. As well as learning Arabic and getting better with my watercolours, this year I’m hoping to get back into horse riding and cycling, try out paddle-boarding, hopefully get to do some am-dram and learn a lot about coffee!

I’m so excited to be part of the team at Rinaldo’s and looking forward to meeting all you fab customers. Here’s some things I’m always up for a chat about:

Cats, veggie Food , Jane Austen novels, how to keep houseplants alive, should Russell Crowe have really been cast in the 2012 version of Les Mis? Where one can find the best quality denim? What birds you’ve had in your garden recently?

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


If you've been certified clinically idiotic, you can read more about how I founded the business at the start of this About section.

I'm a very keen ultra runner, road cyclist (catholic!) and rock climber. I've run a Bob Graham Round on my first attempt, ridden several Fred Whittons, climbed all around the world and run a couple Lakeland100's. As I approach decrepitude, I realise that the greatest pleasures are invariably not necessarily the hardest and that I should perhaps buy a pair of slippers and a cardigan with elbow patches and slow down. But somehow, I simply can't. The most enjoyable outdoor stuff I do is all about the whole package: the landscape, the air, the company.

I love a game of chess, anagrams, museums and art galleries, a fantastic white wine, any music that has a great groove and a lyricist as brilliant as Joni Mitchell. Shakepeare was a genius, so was Leonardo, as are Dr Clio Moonbail and fine artist RJAA. The Moth is one of the greatest podcasts ever.

When asked once in an interview what was my biggest weakness, I replied the inability to stop myself crossing the street to pet every dog I see. (I didn't get the job).

Through lockdown, my geographically far-flung family, nephews and neices have met every week for a Zoom pub quiz and a catch up, which has been truly wonderful. I once thought of them as hysterically dysfunctional. Now I realise they are dysfunctionally hysterical.

My job is a joy. And I'm truly blessed to have these two wonderful guys working with me.