Brands For Business:

Like all our products for the home, we work with only the very best commercial brands for B2B requirements.

If you have a cafe, guesthouse, office (big or small), garden centre, deli or in-town store or farmshop etc., we'd love to hear from you.

We have lease options available for your business and many of our customers choose this route. We know, more than anyone, how expensive it setting up your business and moving premises and managing the initial outlay. So just contact us for some sound advice and lease packages. 

We've added some incredible brands to our portfolio over the past few years and here a some of them:


Stunning machines made in a brand new factory in Barcelona.

The Big Dream is the world's first machine to have 100% stainless steel components. There's no brass or copper in any of the internals workings. This contruction means that no impurities get into the water as time tends to degrate other softer metals. The thermal stability of the grouphead temperature enable the water to be accurate to 0.1c throughout the whole extraction process when pullling an espresso shot and recovery thereafter. Incredible!



The iconic brand - stylish, Italian, right there are the forefront of espresso design since 1938!

We have the Gaggia Reale on our Espresso Bar. An asethetically breaktaking machine and a joy to use. You'll always receive a warm welcome if you drop in to taste the best speciality coffee made on the finest machine in the Lakes (and possibly the UK... but you decide!). Just check this out for yourselves...





    We've worked closely with Conti for a number of years. 


    Like many espresso machines, most parts are manufactured in Italy, but these beauties are assembled in Monte Carlo. There is a great range from the nimble CC100 at a great price-point right up to the dog's b's: the crowd-stopping "Monte Carlo", which we've supplied to many cafes.

    All machines have an eco-mode for saving energy, self-cleaning mode as well as a raft incredible features. Drop in and see them for yourself.

    For more details on Conti products please CLICK HERE



    The very best in bean-to-cup machines. Swiss-made and absolute exceptional quality build from aesthetic to finished drink, we'd only ever use this brand of B2Cup. What we love about Franke:

    The incredible range of drinks produced. From perfect cappuccini to ice-milk drinks, you'll find it hard to believe these drinks weren't poured by a trained barista
    Uses fresh milk only - no powdered rubbish
    All extras like cup-warmers, steam arms, lockable hoppers etc are an integral part of the design and build, not an afterthought bolt-on as you find with many poorer quality brands
    Adding a steam wand not only gives surprisingly high-end results in terms of milk texturing, it can be the perfect solution for those businesses needing a bit of barista theatre without the mess and staffing of an espresso machine
    3-boiler concept for environments requiring a big output of drinks per day
    Touch-screen ease-of-use for staff and customers. You can even incorporate your logos / videos / images
    Incredible 24hr support from 120-strong Franke engineer team UK-wide. You'll get expert support from a variety of support packages available
    For more details about Franke machines please CLICK HERE (if only they made cuckoo clocks!)



    Commercial Coffee Grinders - including:

    Mahlkonig, Compak, Mazzer, Eureka, Ditting and more...

    And of course, our very favourite brand of home espresso machines and grinders ECM

    If you're interested in other brands of machines and grinders, just get in touch. We can help in this respect.