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Latte Art Workshop

Rinaldo's Speciality Coffee & Tea

Latte Art Workshop


Course Description:

This is the workshop where you'll want to be Top Cat on the espresso machine. I mean, how hard can it be to pour a tulip? Well, actually not very, so long as you have a good understanding of what is and isn't working and most importantly, why. That's where our expertise helps. Then it's all about practising.

Presenting a beautifully poured milk-based drink is a bit like plating an amazing array of just-cooked food; the aesthetic is as integral as the taste. Heston Blumenpants may have given his name to a range of espresso machines, but can he pour as well as he plates up? Hmmm... I wonder...

So here's the breakdown of what you'll be doing:

- Revision of perfect espresso as a base
- Milk - theory and understanding
- Pouring technique
- Milk texturing - do's and don'ts
- Pouring 3 basic patterns - heart, tulip & rosetta
- Milk sharing
- video analysis
(Course duration: 2 hours approx)

Based in our bespoke 1st floor barista training facility, we provide a practical, hands-on session. More than anything, it's all about having fun - so why not give it a go? You'll end up smiling like the cat that's got the cream!

*NOTE: It's important that you've had some experience of working an espresso machine and steaming milk. Ideally you'll have taken a barista course, as we'll assume you've had some practice. In this way, you'll really get the most from this course.

*Rin has gained a distinction at The London School of Coffee and has provided training throughout the UK for many people in their own homes, cafes and workplaces and, of course, in our training area at Lakeland Food Park. He has helped a wide range of people from 2* Michelin staff, a student with dyspraxia to a 12-year old prodigy. 

If you'd like to purchase a voucher to give to a loved one, then please click HERE to find the link to the vouchers page and select appropriately (£65 p.p.) on the drop-down menu.

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