Lapsang Souchong

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  • A smooth, large-leaf smoky classic, cured above cedarwood fires.

    A speciality tea of the Fujian province, the term “Souchong” means “sub-variety" and refers to the specific tea bush grown in the Wuyi Mountains. The leaves are withered over fires and then pressed in wooden barrels. They are then cut and rolled and hung to dry over smoking cedarwood fires again.

    Very black leaves produce an amazing dark red liquor with the unmistakable smoky aroma and flavour. A bit like Marmite ... you'll love or hate it - but do give it a try.

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  • Country China
    Origin Fujian Province
    Leaf Intensely black, wiry
    Aroma Smoky
    Liquor Dark red, chestnut colour
    Cupping Notes Cedarwood dominates over softer date flavours
    Brewing Tips 2.5g in 200ml of water at 100°C. Steep for 3-4 mins.


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