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  • Keemun is an exquisite tea-producing district of Qimen County in Anhui Province in Eastern China. This shiny black offering is considered to be elite Chinese tea. The leaves are slightly twisted, jet-black and produce a rich coppery brew. You’ll notice a raison-like taste, often categorised as “winey” which is very characteristic of keemun tea.

    So too, a lovely Rich Tea biscuit taste, just like the smell of a whippet’s head… (you may only understand this comparison if you're northern).

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  • Country China
    Origin Qimen, Anhui Province
    Leaf Slightly twisted, black
    Aroma Sweet floral
    Liquor Rich copper colour
    Cupping Notes Raisin, biscuity
    Brewing Tips 2.5g in 200ml of water at 100°C. Steep for 3 mins. Add more water for 2nd and 3rd infusion

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