Locally Handmade Porcelain Cup -6/7oz

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We're continuing our commitment to supporting local artisans with our new range of hand-thrown cups, which are made by the very nimbly fingered Rebecca Callis, who's based down the road in Kendal.

Each cup is subtly hand-stamped on the base with our logo. They're fired at 1240°C in a gorgeous light green oxide and finished in a glaze which Rebecca has developed herself.

This 6/7oz cup is perfect for flat white drinks and we've made the cup slightly larger than usual so you can get a great cappuccino or latte in there too! 

It's also perfect for tea, so don't forget to use it for that amazing loose-leaf we have on our website.


Also ideal for one of our loose-leaf tea drinks.


  • Dimensions: H 65mm x Mouth 90mm
  • Weight: approx 195g
  • *Please note: because each cup is hand-thrown there are slight variations in the finished sizing


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