ECM "S-Manual 64" Grinder

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ECM S-Manual 64 Grinder
My advice to anyone about to spend money on brewing equipment is to invest your money on a really good coffee grinder. I’ve pulled some amazing shots on very mediocre espresso machines using the best grinders – but been unable to reproduce this the other way around. It really is the one piece of equipment you shouldn’t skrimp on. Especially if you have an espresso machine, you’ll know that the espresso shot itself is the key component of every drink you’ll make on it. And, as such, it’s vital to use a grinder that will give you consistently sized coffee particles and one which has excellent coarse/fine adjustment.

The S-Manual 64 is a brilliant home/light commercial grinder – I have one at home and I use it every day without fail (no exaggeration). It’s delightful. I use it in barista sessions because it’s the best way to emphasise the importance of changing grind size and manually weighing the dose when trying to get the perfect extraction.

The build is exception: stainless steel throughout and a chrome body finish. I particularly like the micro-adjustment wheel is in on another level compared to a lot of crudely “stepped” adjustments. The high-quality 64mm burrs cleverly fitted into this compact body set it apart from the competition. And it's so simple to use!


One of the most powerful espresso grinders.

  • Manual grinding function
  • Grinding time is about 3.8 seconds for a single espresso (ca. 7g)
  • Stepless adjustment of the grind
  • Height adjustable portafilter bracket
  • Capacity bean hopper ca. 500 g
  • Stainless steel burrs, ø 64 mm
  • 450 W motor performance. Vented body for motor heat release 
  • Dimension (HxWxD) 415 x 150 x 245 mm
  • Weight 6.9 kg

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