Raspberry & Goji Berry

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  • We've been begged, poked and prodded to bring you more fruit teas. So we've specially blended only the very best naturally caffeine-free fruit and herbal pieces to give you a storming tea which can be served hot or cool to perk you up.

    If you love raspberry and the beneficial properties of goji berries, then this is a "shu-in". Get slurping.

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  • Country Various
    Leaf Raspberries, goji berries, blue cornflower blossoms, quince pieces, apple pieces, coconut chips, lemon grass, hibiscus, lemon peel.
    Liquor Bright, deep raspberry colour
    Cupping Notes Clean, sweet, deep raspberry and tangy goji taste
    Caffeine? No, naturally caffeine free.
    Brewing Tips 5g in 200ml of water at 100c.  Steep for 5-10 mins.

The latest in a string of awards we've won for our tea and coffee


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