El Salvador: Santa Leticia Coffee - Single Estate - 100% Arabica

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Farm: Finca Santa Leticia
Varietal(s): 100% Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1300 MASL
Owner: Ricardo Valdivieso and family
Region: Apaneca, Ahuachapan
Country: El Salvador
Cup Profile: Chocolate, miso, spice

We have been on the hunt for an El Salvador that can stand up to our beloved El Borbollon. After many cuppings, sampling an abundance of offerings, we decided on the delicious El Salvador Santa Leticia. We've waited so long for this incredible coffee, so we've reserved enough stock for a year. It's a key component of our Casa Espresso Blend as well as an incredible stand alone single estate coffee.

Central American coffees are among our favourites when it comes to single origins and this El Salvador Santa Leticia offering does not disappoint! This red bourbon varietal brings chocolate notes with a warm spicey aftertaste, it makes a delightful pour-over. It has a bright "acidity" (liveliness in the cup), excellent balance and smooth mouthfeel.

Altogether, a coffee that deserves your attention - so stand up and salute it.. a stunner!

Ricardo Valdivieso, his wife Patricia and their daughters grow this delightful coffee on their farm Finca Santa Leticia in the Apaneca, Ahuachapan region near the border of Guatemala. This region is mountainous with areas of high altitude, which lends itself to high quality coffee production. Ricardo and his family have not just left a mark on El Salvador's coffee landscape but also on the countries' politics. The family have recently discovered 3 monoliths on the farm which they have incorporated into their logo.


The workers on the farm take great care to only select red cherries at the optimum ripeness. The cherries are then pulped and the cherry mucilage is removed. The washed bourbon coffee beans are dried on a 9 acre patio for 20 days and are regularly raked and turned. They then rest in a repository for 45 days before they are ready to ship.

The farm's dedication to their craft and production of high quality coffee beans has recently earnt them success in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence, a highly prestigious competition.

 El Salvador's Coffee History

Coffee was initially brought to El Salvador from the Caribbean as a garden crop in the 18th century. Coffee did not start being exported until 1856 due to the production of the indigo plant, which was much easier to cultivate and was more profitable. Once the development of synthetic indigo began, the government soon began to encourage the growth of coffee, leading to its exponential growth. El Salvador now focusses on the growth of mostly premium coffee.

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