CARRIBEAN: Serrano Levado - Single Origin - 100% Arabica

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  • Farm: Serrano Levado
    Altitude: 800 masl
    Varieties: Caturra, Catuai
    Processing: Natural process
    Region: El Nichio, Escambray, south of Santa Clara

    Cupping Notes: Intensive, powerful cup. Chocolate with a hint of spice and lemon.

    In the words of the Gibson Brothers , “quiero bailar la salsa… the first time I saw you / I knew it was love”

    So too, do we dance to this rather delectable coffee. Our very first venture to the northern Caribbean. This coffee benefits from a unique micro-climate and mixed planting with indigenous trees to minimise plant disease. As result we get pest-free very clean green beans to roast and the end result is a quality cup.

    An intensive, powerful cup with chocolate notes and a hint of spice and lemon make this perfect for espresso or stove top brewing.

    But don’t take my word for it…here’s what The Gibsters have to say on the matter!

    Rin recommends: a pour-over brew method to highlight the subtleties of this incredible single origin. Perfect for Stove Top / Espresso 

  • CARRIBEAN – Serrano Levado

    Farm: Serrano Levado
    Altitude: 800 masl
    Varieties: Caturra, Catuai
    Processing: Natural process
    Region: El Nichio, Escambray, south of Santa Clara
    Cupping Notes: Intensive, powerful cup. Chocolate with a hint of spice and lemon.


    In the central part of the country you can find the Escambray range of extensive hillsides and plateaus. The legend calls it “Crystal Mountain” because it contains soil with mica and quartz crystals. Amongst these hills you can find many of the most beautiful coffee plantations . The farms in the highest Plains have been selected to be renewed and improved. They benefit from year-round mild temperatures and frequent rainfall.

    Farmers produce good coffee beans that can face the market’s high demands. The country's coffee plantations are kept under the protective shade of leguminous local trees such as Ingas, Erythnias and Leucanenas. Coffee plants Serrano  Levado not unusually affected by plagues. Still farmers have been taught the correct use of agrochemicals . Through seminars and workshops they learn how to keep their coffee plants healthy and how to conserve and protect the environment

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