PERU: Chota Lot #2 - Single Origin - 100% Arabica - NEWLY ARRIVED

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  • PRODUCER: Asdruval Dominguez Barreto
    REGION: Huabal, Cajamarca
    VARIETY: Catimor and Bourbon
    PROCESS: Fully Washed
    CUPPING NOTES: Cashew, Apple and Cinnamon 
    CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance and UTZ

    Here at Rinaldo's we're big fans of Peruvian coffee. We've had some beauties in past years and the latest offering on our list is right up there with the best of them. Highlighting classic South American taste profiles, this Chota Lot#2 is a stand-out offering with notes of chocolate, sweet molasses and fig.

    This coffee is fully washed and gives a bright, clean cup. It’s a delightfully comforting drink for the dark winter days.

  • PRODUCER: Multiple Smallerholders
    REGION: Chota, Cajamarca, Peru
    ALTITUDE: 11600 -1900 MASL
    VARIETY: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon
    PROCESS: Fully Washed
    CUPPING NOTES: Chocolate, molasses, fig

    The Producers

    Chota is in an area of Cajamarca that is relatively new to coffee farming. It is home to many indigenous Incan people groups who still primarily work in agriculture; most notably in potato growing. More recently, many farmers have begun to work in coffee. The area of Chota encompases some of the highest elevations in the entirety of Peru, due to its’ connection to the Andean mountain range. With elevations that exceed 2300 masl, Chota is in fact ideal for coffee cultivation.

    The downside of the high elevation and remoteness of this region is that many specialty importers and buyers typically overlook Chota’s production. Most smallholder producers do not own means of transportation, which in turn means that while the coffee is of high quality, it is hard for the producers of Chota to deliver their coffee.

    In this area, we work with our partners, Red Beetle Coffee Lab and Finca Churupampa to take delivery of parchment and be the first line of QC. Our Peruvian coffees come almost exclusively from these small producers in Chota and we are proud to offer these producers a way to market that allows them access to the higher premiums specialty coffee commands.


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