Myanmar: A Lel Chaung Coffee - Single Origin - 100% Arabica

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Country: Myanmar
State: Shan State
Township: Ywangan 

Farm: A Lel Chaung (part of Shwe Taung Thu farmers group)
Elevation: 1282 MASL
Variety: Red Catuai
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Berries, vanilla, caramel

Myanmar coffee is back by popular demand!

It's thrilling to announce another delicious coffee on our list from Ywangan Myanmar as they continue their relationship with our supplier Indochina. We have always loved coffees from this region and this latest offering does not disappoint.


A Lel Chaung is of the red catuai variety and is naturally processed. The ripe cherries are harvested and delivered to the centre of the A Lel Chaung village. The villagers then sort the beans by hand to remove any under and over ripe beans, ensuring all the beans are of the highest quality. The cherries are then spread out to dry on raised beds for around 17 days. The dried cherry is then removed from around the bean and the beans are hulled, packaged and shipped. The natural processing of the beans gives them distinct flavours of berries, vanilla and caramel.

Myanmar naturally processed coffee

A Lel Chaung Farm:

The Shwe Taung Thu farmers group translates to ‘Golden Farmer’ and is made up of Danu and Pa-O who are smallholder farmers in Ywangan. They provide finance, leadership and general assistance for their members. Their goal is to bring better trade conditions to the farmers in their region and we are delighted to support them in their objective as this is an imperative part of our ideology at Rinaldo's.

Coffees produced by Shwe Taung Thu are named after the villages where they are grown and processed. Each community has its own group which is responsible for the processing of the coffee within each village. They solely focus on naturally processed coffees due to the very dry heat experienced during the harvest season.

A Lel Chaung is named after the village in which this coffee is grown and is comprised of 180 households. The meticulous attention to detail paid by the villagers in the processing of this coffee is reflected in its clean and bright flavours. Three groups of seven villagers work on rotation to hand sort the cherries, resulting in this delicious offering which is a delight to roast...Enjoy!

Coffee farmers in Myanmar in the A lel Chaung village


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