MEXICO: Union San Pedro - Single Origin - 100% Arabica

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  • Farm: San Pedro -180 farmers with 1-4 hectares each
    Varietal: Pluma Hidalgo
    Processing: Washed
    Altitude: 1900 metres above sea level
    Owner: Emmanuel Ramirez, Faustino Ramirez
    Region: Oaxaca
    Cupping Notes: Candied Fruit, Honey, Milk Chocolate
    SCA Score: 86+

    Following the runaway success of our first Mexican coffee, the demand was such that we got a return ticket to happiness and have sourced this fabulous San Pedro. Grown on a farmers' small holding, we've gone for the Ramirex family's offering which has milk chocolate, honey and candied fruit notes. We think it's even better than the previous Mexico we had and that didn't hand around very long. Get it while it lasts, compadres!

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    Rin recommends: a pour-over brew method to highlight the subtleties of this incredible African coffee. Perfect for Aeropress / Chemex / V60 


  • MEXICO: Union San Pedro

    Farm: San Pedro -180 farmers with 1-4 hectares each
    Varietal: Pluma Hidalgo, Mundo Novo
    Processing: Washed
    Altitude: 1900 metres above sea level
    Owner: Emmanuel Ramirez, Faustino Ramirez
    Region: Oaxaca
    SCA Score: 86+

    Cupping notes: Candied Fruit, Honey, Milk Chocolate

    Union San Pedro represents around 180 coffee producing families and is co-ordinated by Salomon Garcia. Salomon is originally from Xanica, one of the eight communities of San Pedro and he helped to establish the association back in the early 2000’s. Along with the original leadership group, Salomon went on to found UNTAO to support the production of San Pedro as the association grew.

    The average farmer in San Pedro has between 1-4 hectares of land and generally a very small production of coffee like most producers in Oaxaca. The coffee is a mix of two varieties that are very typical to the Sierra Sur, Mundo Novo, and Pluma Hidalgo. Pluma Hidalgo is a variant of the typica variety and was developed in the Sierra Sur, in the town of Pluma Hidalgo just a few miles from San Pedro.

    Cupping notes: Candied Fruit, Honey, Milk Chocolate

    Pluma Hidalgo Varietal:

    Pluma Hidalgo is a “Typica” progeny first cultivated in Mexico and introduced to the area known as “Pluma” (within the Loxicha region of Southern Oaxaca) in the year 1854 by cochinilla farmers who were being displaced from Oaxaca’s central valleys due to the increasing use of synthetic dyes instead of natural ones (cochillia was used for dying textiles scarlet). Throughout the late 1800s and early 20th century it began to be widely disseminated throughout the regions of La Costa and Sierra Sur, where it has adapted itself to the local conditions.

    Pluma Hidalgo is a small village set in Oaxaca’s Sierra Madre del Sur, approximately an hour from the resort town of Huatulco.

    Legend has it that Pluma Hidalgo received its name due to the clouds that gather at the mountain peaks – particularly in the afternoon as warm coastal air hits the cooler mountain climes. These clouds take the form of a feather. Hidalgo comes from one of the fathers of Mexican Independence, the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

    For many years, producers within the area have been seeking Denomination of Origin status for Cafe Pluma Hidalgo; however, difficulties are posed by the wide dispersal of the variety across many zones across Oaxaca.

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