ECUADOR: Mario Andrade - Single Origin - 100% Arabica

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  • Country: Ecuador
    Region: Imbarbura
    Farmer: Mario Andrade
    Elevation: 1,700 - 1,900 masl
    Variety: Caturra
    Process: Fully Washed, dried on African beds
    Screen size: 15+
    Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, cocoa, berry

    We're ticking off the coffee growing countries of the world...with only Scotland and Iceland left!

    Although we're no stranger to South American coffee, this is our first foray to Ecuador and we've bagged ourselves a beauty. This is quite simply an exceptional coffee which we're keeing at a very reasonable price. A delight to roast, this clean superlative coffee is a rich chocolate and cocoa offering with hint of berry to finish off the mouthfeel. The farm makes an interesting read, so do have a look the Nerd Zone for more details on its provenance.

  • ECUADOR: Mario Andrade

    Habitat Forest farm is very isolated from the urban regions of Ecuador. The farm is surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, and forests. A large proportion of the farm is made up of native trees and forests, creating a biodiverse environment of mixed flora and fauna. The farm is picturesque and often rented to tourists and for event usage. In the long term, they plan to build a hostel for travellers to come and enjoy the environment and natural way of life there.

    Mario's grandfather used to grow coffee purely for his own consumption and to share with his workers at dinner time. However, when coffee production started to become popular in the region, he decided to sell small volumes to national roasters. When Mario's family saw that coffee was proving to be profitable, they started to invest more time and money into the coffee trees.

    The business has since been transferred from generation to generation and now Mario Andres runs the organisation. Several years ago Mario began growing higher-end speciality coffee, which led to supply in Quito and now the farm exclusively produces only Arabica coffee.

This year we won a Great Taste Award and are a National Finalist in the Rural Business Awards

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