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  • Like all our teas, we aim to bring you the finest. Yunnan Golden is hand-picked from the beautiful mountain region of SW China. The conditions are very misty, which is ideal for bud and leaf growth. And Yunnan province has been producing tea for some 1,700 years... that's equivalent to half the amount of time Bruce Forsyth has been in show business.

    The leaves of this tea bush are uniformly shaped and quite broad. They are combined with the golden buds to give a stunning reddish-black liquor that has a molasses-like sweetness and malty finish.

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  • Country China
    Origin Feng Qing, Lincang, China
    Leaf Black and gold leaves
    Aroma Malty, sweet
    Liquor Rich orange
    Cupping Notes Bold, caramel and date flavours
    Brewing Tips 2.5g in 200ml of water at 100°C. Steep for 3-4 mins.

    The grades for whole leaf orthodox black tea are: Ceylon orange pekoe (OP) grades

    OP1 slightly delicate, long, wiry leaf with the light liquor
    OPA bold, long leaf tea which ranges from tightly wound to almost open
    OP main grade, in the middle between OP1 and OPA, can consist of long wiry leaf without tips
    OP Superior primarily from Indonesia, similar to OP
    Flower OP high quality tea with a long leaf and few tips, considered the second grade in Assam, Dooars and Bangladesh teas, but the first grade in China
    FOP1 as above, but with only the highest quality leaves in the FOP classification
    Golden Flower OP1 higher proportion of tip than FOP top grade
    Tippy Golden FOP the highest proportion of tip, main grade in Darjeeling and Assam
    TGFOP1 as above, but with only the highest quality leaves in the TGFOP classification

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