ECM Olivewood "Gran Crema" Bottomless Portafilter (Angled)

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ECM Olivewood "Gran Crema" Bottomless Portafilter (Angled)

A fabulous addition to the ECM accessory range, this stylish bottomless portafilter now has an olivewood handle option. The design which allows the coffee to extract direct from the base of the basket, minimises the amount of portafilter metal the shot flows through. In this way the espresso allows for a deep crema and pours with the incredible inverted dome shaped and the rather sexy "tiger striping". As Tony would say..."Grrrreat!"

A perfect addition to all our ECM home espresso machines. Supplied with 21g ridged basket.

 - Stainless Olive Wood Bottomless Porta Filter Handle with ergonomically angled grip
 - High-quality stainless steel design
 - Optimal handling due to weight-balanced shape
 - 21g basket is included
 - use with ECM E61 brew group only

Note:  compatible with CM tamping station

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