Hario V60 Dripper - 1 Cup

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  • One of the most inexpensive ways to enjoy great coffee. The Hario V60 pour-over dripper has spiralling ribs on the inside of the wall leading to a large hole, which encourage the brew into the cup and prevent the paper filter from sticking to the inside of the cone.

    Easy to use, simple to clean – take it with you anywhere. Brilliant!

    You'll need V60 Filter Papers... 
  • Rin’s Serving Tips:
    • Use 60g ground coffee per litre of water – (for 400ml water you’ll need 24g of coffee )
    • Grind your coffee fairly finely – you should feel the grinds between your fingers but it should be just slightly coarser than an espresso grind but finer than for a Chemex
    • Wet the filter paper and warm the cup with hot water, then discard. Place the coffee in the centre of the paper cone.
    • Put your cup and Hario Dripper on a set of scales and tare (zero). Pour 80g of water over the coffee so that it “blooms” – this just allows the grinds to get wet and expand, freeing the coffee solids within the grind. Leave for 30 secs
    • Pour the rest of the water slowly into the cone
    • Try to aim for about 2 ½ minutes for the full amount of water to drip through. Adjust your grind accordingly. You’ll get it spot on as you practise more


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