Bialetti SMART French Press

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Bialetti SMART French Press

The authentic Bialetti French press gives the one-finger salute to poor imitators.

The SMART version has a borosilicate non-porous glass container comes with a lightweight plastic lid and handle that's easy to hold and allows for this cost-effectiveness.

It features the brand's l’Omino (the little man) cutout, which is widely recognized as Bialetti’s original symbol of quality and authenticity.

Rin's tips:

    1 - Pre-heat your cafetiere and cups
    2 - Grind your coffee to a very coarse consistency – you should see small chunks. Calculate 7.5g per 100ml (so for 1 litre it's 75g of coffee)
    3 - Pour over 200ml of water to cover the grinds... stir... then leave for 30 seconds 
    4 - Add the rest of the water and leave for 4 minutes
    5 - Take 2 spoons and in a pincer movement, remove the grinds from the surface (this will prevent over-extraction)
    6 - Place the plunger on top of the brew for 10 seconds (enough to expand the gauze) and then fully plunge
    7 - Pour into your warm cups and enjoy black or add a dash of milk


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